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Athos (linguist #1) and Suzanne
Barbara, Teresa and Sara (Keelan's cousins) Keelan's Great Aunt Bea and Aunt Janet (Susan's sister)
Keelan's high school friends Carla and Nicole, and Justin (Nicole's husband)
Dancing Cheek to Cheek Jamie dancing with her little sister, Daniella cute! Daniella and Phil, Jamie's dad
Elaine and Julia Jamie's colleagues: Meghan, Connie, and Tran with the bride and groom
Mmm...this cake is good! Josh and Elaine
Jean (Keelan's grandmother) Daniella and Anthony
Laia (linguist #2) and Lucas (linguist #3) Josh, Athos, Tanja (linguist #4), her husband Chris, and Maya (linguist #5)
Our candle-bearers: Fiona and Maura (Keelan's sisters) and Melanie (Jamie's sister) Masayuki (linguist #6) and Emily
Michael (linguist #7) and Aaron (linguist #8) with Jamie and Keelan Paul (our officiant), Becky, and Julianna
Phil and Cyndi Rhona (Jamie's aunt), Ashley (Jamie's cousin), and Sheila (Jamie's aunt)
Jonathan (linguist #9) and Josh (linguist #10) Jamie, Keelan and Jamie's mom's side of the family
Alan (Keelan's father), Charlie and Robert (Keelan's uncles) Marty (Brent's sister) and Bob
The candle-bearers announcing the winners of the Advice Contest
John and Peggy (friends from San Francisco) Anthony
Denise and Brent Scott, Brent, and Phil planning the toasts
Anna (our invitation designer and cake decorator) keeping Alastair entertained Sharon (Jamie's grandmother) and Jean
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