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At the pumpkin patch Clementine, Earl Grey, and Junior investigating our centerpiece purchases from the pumpkin patch
Site of dress rehearsal and wedding Kelly (Jamie's sister) and Vickie (Jamie's aunt) at the dress rehearsal
Dave and Linda (Jamie's dad's cousin and her husband) at the rehearsal dinner Rachael (Keelan's sister) and Alastair (Keelan's nephew) at the rehearsal dinner
Jamie and her cousin Ashley in the dressing room after doing Jamie's makeup Jamie's secret to getting through the ceremony: two mimosas!!
Keelan's friend Masayuki pinning on his boutonniere Jamie's father, Phil, and her step-mother, Cyndi, doing the same for the ring-bearer, Jamie's brother, Anthony
Tom, Keelan's step-father, adjusting the levels on the sound system, while James, Keelan's friend, warms up the piano Three of the four singers: Masayuki (bass), Elaine (alto), and Emily (soprano); the fourth, Damien (tenor) is taking the picture
Keelan with his father, Alan, and step-mother, Annemarie, waiting for guests to arrive Keelan's step-father, Tom, and Jamie's step-father, Brent
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